Life and Death


Surges represent you reserves of energy you have for that day. Once you run out of surges you are beat for the day, you cannot regain vitality, you are out of luck, what have you. There are a number of ways you lose surges:

  • Spend a Surge: When an effect allows you to spend a surge you regain vitality equal to your surge value. There may be other effects or benefits attached as well.
    • Spend a Free Surge: As Spending a Surge, but you do not have to actually spend one of your surges. The healing you receive is treated as if you did spend a surge.
  • Use a Surge: You spend a surge to activate some beneficial effect, but do not regain vitality.
  • Lose a Surge: Normally a hostile effect that makes you lose a surge without any benefit.

Regaining Surges
All your surges are regained at the end of an Extended Rest.


Vitality represents your ability to avoid bodily injury. It is a combination of luck, skill, endurance, physical fitness, will to go no and divine favor. Each time you take damage it is subtracted from your total, and once you run out of vitality you become unconscious. Losing vitality has no long term ill effects. Because vitality is an active defense of a sort, you do not have vitality while unconscious.
Bloodied: Bloodied condition means you are at, or below, half of your vitality. Normally this has no effect, but there are certain abilities and effects that are based on whether you are bloodied or not.

Recovering Vitality
You can recover vitality in combat through use of various powers and effects, and out of combat you recover vitality just by taking a break.

  • In Combat: You can always recover vitality by using your Second Wind. There are other means to recover vitality available to you or your party members.
  • Short Rest: You can recover vitality during a short rest by spending any amount of surges, as needed. When spending surges during a short rest you may use Endurance or Heal skill to recover additional vitality, in the same way you use those skills when using Second Wind.
  • Extended Rest: At the end of extended rest you recover all vitality, and all your surges.


Wounds represent an actual physical, or mental, injury that requires extended period of time to heal. All characters have at least 9 wounds: 3 Body, 3 Mind and 3 Soul. When you would lose a wound you determine randomly which type is lost. Once you lose all of one type of wounds you suffer a penalty that lasts until you recover at least 1 of that wound type. Some characters, especially defenders, have Generic Wounds. These are lost first, and there is no penalty associated with losing all your generic wounds. There are number of ways to lose wounds.

  • Reduced to 0 Vitality: Whenever you are reduced to 0 vitality you lose a wound, as you finally succumbed to an incapacitating blow.
  • Taking Damage while Unconscious: Whenever you take damage from a damage roll while unconscious you lose a wound. If you are taking ongoing damage while unconscious make a save. If you fail you lose a wound.
  • Suffer a Critical Hit: Whenever you suffer a critical hit from a non minion creature make a save. If you fail you lose a wound.

Wound Recovery
Because wounds represent serious injury, they are slow to recover. You do not recover any wounds until one week after you have lost your first wound. You automatically recover one wound of your choice per week, but each week you may attempt to recover additional wounds. At the end of the week, when you would recover a wound, you may attempt to recover additional wounds. Make a save for each additional wound you are trying to recover. You suffer a ↓ to these recovery saves equal to the number of wounds you are trying to recover, not counting any wounds recovered automatically. Below are additional modifiers to recovery saves:

  • Poor Conditions: You lack shelter, are in unsanitary conditions, or have been performing hard labor for most of the week. You suffer ↓ to all recovery saves this week.
  • Good Conditions: You have shelter, sanitary conditions, or have been performing relatively light activities. You have ↑ to all recovery saves this week.
  • Bed Ridden: You spent the entire week resting in bed, with minimal activity. You automatically regain one additional wound this week.

Before you make any saves to regain additional wounds, but after you decide how many recovery save you want to make, make either Endurance or Heal check (you can use endurance only on yourself), difficulty 10. You may make, or receive, only one such check per week. Each success you get gives you ↑ to recovery saves. These bonuses create a pool of upgrades that you can distribute any way you want between the recovery saves you make that week.

At the end of the week Gesh the barbarian is recovering from the injuries suffered, a total of four wounds. He automatically recovers 1 wound. His player wants to recover all his wounds, so he chooses to make 3 recovery saves, each one with ↓↓↓ penalty. He then makes an Endurance check to aid his recovery, and gets 5 successes, granting him ↑↑↑↑↑ to distribute among 3 recovery saves. He assigns ↑↑↑ to his first recovery save, and ↑↑ to the second one. This gives him first recovery save at no penalty, second at ↓, and third at ↓↓↓.


Life and Death

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