demon_tribe_by_njay-d49imoh.jpgHobgoblins are highly organized, militaristic humanoids. They are tall and muscular, with green and red skin tones. Their arms seem disproportionately long in relation to their bodies, giving them somewhat apelike appearance. Tusks jut out from their lower jaw, males having larger tusks than females. Their eyes are small, solid black orbs, sitting beneath heavy brow ridges, with a large, flat nose. While they still have pointy ears of fey humanoids, theirs tend to be short and thick. Hobgoblin’s hair is straight and thick, ranging in color between dark red to black, though orange is common among individuals from southern regions. Males often wear long beards. From the sides of the forehead sprouts a set of horns that runs close to the skull and curves up towards the tips. Both genders have horns.

Hobgoblins live in a very structured society, with a caste system revolving around individual’s contribution to the society. This system, called Xad Vesz, is as much of a social structure as it is a set of religious beliefs, focusing on forgoing personal gratification in favor of communal good. While Xad Vesz have been occasionally adopted by other races, none adhere to is as closely as hobgoblins. This is most likely to the hobgoblin’s hive-like mindset, that puts individuality and personal fulfillment in a second place behind the prosperity for the community.

Other than their belief system, hobgoblins are known for breeding the most fearsome warbeasts. This selective breeding is not limited to animals, as most of the current age hobgoblins are a result of careful and fully planned out breeding program designed to enhance desired characteristics. Some legends say that humans are a result of a less-than-successful breeding program.

Hobgobin [fey]
Attribute Bonuses: Con, Int, Cha
Size: Medium.
Speed: 6 squares.
VIsion: Low-light.
Background Skills: Athletics, Knowledge (social), Negotiation
Battle Ready: You get ↑ to initiative checks.
Hobgoblin Resilience: When reduced to 0 or less vitality you do not fall unconscious until the end of your next turn. When below 0 vitality you are dazed.
Cold Read: When making Insight check to read someone you may roll an additional d20 and use either result.
Hobgoblin Discipline: You have the Hobgoblin Discipline racial power:

Hobgoblin Discipline
Free action; personal
Trigger: You start your turn subjected to an effect that a save can end.
Effect: The triggering effect ends.



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