tengu_mystic.jpgEmb’adar are small, avian humanoids. Their heads are very birdlike, with a beak, small, beady eyes, and is covered in feathers. The exact appearances vary between individuals from different regions, but some of the most common ones resemble raves, hawks or parrots, though body coloration tends to be subdued, except for small accents, patches or crests. The feathers on their heads and tails tend to be the longest. Very often they heads have decorative crests. Their bodies are covered in short, sleek feathers that are often mistaken as fur, and cover their arms, up to the elbow or the hand, and down to the knees. Emb’adar do not have wings and are unable to fly.

Attribute Bonuses: Dex, Con, Cha
Size: Small.
Speed: 6 squares.
VIsion: Normal.
Background Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Stealth
Shifting Fortunes: When you use your second wind you can shift 3 as a free action.
Flock Tactics: When you have combat advantage you get an additional ↑ to attack rolls.
Nimble: You have +2 AC vs. opportunity attacks.
Second Chance: You have the Second Chance racial power:

Second Chance
No action; personal
Trigger: You are hit by an attack.
Effect: The attacker must reroll the triggering attack.



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