Over the centuries the world has emerged from various wars and cataclysms with the help of new and exciting technological inventions. Sometimes these inventions helped to end the war, or to recover from a cataclysm. In either case these technologies often combine both mechanical ingenuity and magical prowess of the inventors.

Magical, technological and magitech inventions both make personal life easier, and allow for doing things previously unheard of. From autonomous cleaners and clockwork washmaids to make housekeeping easier to optigraphs and audio harmonizers for personal entertainment, and monocular relays and parallax emitters for communication, technology changed the way people go about their daily lives. What new used to take weeks to months reach far away cities, it now gets there in days or hours.

Fusion of magic and technology contributed immensely to bringing unusual methods of travel into everyday use. This travel revolution began with steel locomotives powered by steam engines, which led to sea and air ships that did not rely on wind for propulsion. Over time the miniaturization of the steam engine, and development of alternate magitech power sources, allowed for smaller, more personal vehicles to become a common sight on city streets.

Invention and advancement of firearms revolutionized warfare, leveling playing field between magic users and everyone else. Of course as the technology improved, even those magic users found a way to use firearms for their spellcasting. Todays firearms have gone al long way from the primitive muzzle loaders that changed history.

The ultimate fusion of magic and technology, Forgetech devices bridge the divide between mystical and mundane. Using magical, and non magical energy to power mechanical devices. Sometimes this simply powers an engine, other time it duplicates a magical spell or a ritual.



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