Small bird like humanoids best known for being master craftsmen and artisans, as well as thieves and brigands. While not as strong individually, Emb’adar have a very strong sense of the community and make for formidable foes when in numbers. They are the only race more common than the Vadall.

Feyborn is a generic term used for both elves and eladrin. Until the recent events both races shared culture and history. The rift was permanently driven between the two races during the First and the Second Purge, following the War of Crimson Ash.

hobgoblin.jpg The largest of the fey people, hobgoblins are known for their rigidly structured society and seeming lack of personal identity. While that is at least partially true, they are highly organized and driven people.

pookha.jpg Small fey humanoids known for being tricksters, tinkerers, and having a collective subconsciousness. While pleasant and helpful in small groups, in large communities they become violently territorial.

Giant beast like humanoids known for their talents as traders as much raiders. Hailing from the northern reaches of the world, their fleets carried them across the oceans in search of riches. Today they are one of the most populous races in the world.



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