World of Rekh Ir Nasam, or Nasam as it is commonly called, consists of innumerable earthmotes floating lazily above a deep ocean. Before the Sundering, Nasam earthmotes were a rare sight in most parts, but that world shattering event have changed everything.

Nasam is divided into two major areas: Drashlan, meaning Known World, and Q’rahi, meaning Shrouded Land. It is believed that the dragons of the Drakkath Empire came from Q’rahi, but the existence of that land is a speculation, rather than fact. None of the expeditions sent into the either the Ocean of Crimson Mists or Raa’nh Ocean have returned.

Drashlan, and presumably all of Rekh Ir Nasam, is a much different place since the time of Sundering. The world has been torn apart and lifted into the sky, separated into five layers: the Below, Umbra, Core, Sunscape and Highcurrent. While each layer is unique, boundaries between them are often difficult to draw. Each layer is anywhere between ten and fifteen miles thick and layers often overlap with each other.

While there is a lot known, and a lot more unknown, about the surface layers, there is a whole other world below the oceans of the Below. Other than Morketten hail from there, there is almost no knowledge of what is down there. While many expeditions have tried to discover the secrets of the Morketten, and of the shadows they live in. Out of all who tried only two explorers returned, their minds broken, spouting nonsense. One of these explorers, a hobgoblin named Sahak, returned a lone survivor of an expedition below the surface about thousand years before the War of Crimson Ash. He was found wondering naked through the streets of Ammad spoutingstories how he has made it past the shadows, beyond which lies a great machine of whirling gears and pistons. The other explorer, a Deva by the name of Rethaal, was found near Kestra 250 years ago, wondering aimlessly calming the sea of fire beyond the cities made of shadows is waging war on the seas of water that cover the surface.

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Crystal Abyss
The wide open airspace throughout all the layers is commonly called the Crystal Abyss. This name was originally used by early aeronauts, but over time became a common term. In general this term is used only in reference to air travel, where you find yourself with nothing but tens of miles of air below you. While the risks of reefs and treacherous air currents around earthmotes are low here, the danger comes from many creatures that live here, especially in the upper reaches of Sunscape and in Highcurrent. Most of the air travel happens within a layer at a fairly low altitude, rarely higher than a mile.



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